The Dataisgood Core Team

Behind every successful startup, there is a team of seasoned and experienced professionals. Driven by a shared vision to establish Dataisgood as India’s premier career-centric higher education institution, the Dataisgood team currently comprises over 200+ dedicated members, with the number expanding rapidly each week.


With more than 40+ years of combined experience in technology, engineering and design our Executive Team has one common goal – “Unlock the human potential of India by transforming the education system”

Shishir Singh

Co-founder & Head of Sales

Associate Directors

As Associate Directors at Dataisgood, we are pivotal in managing the Senior Managers Team, Managers Team, and Counselors. Our dedication ensures that every student’s learning experience is exceptional, and we work tirelessly to maintain Dataisgood’s position as a leader in the education sector.

Anmol Gakhar

Associate Director

MarTech Team

Meet the Dataisgood MarTech Team, your tech-savvy experts who keep our online presence sharp. They handle software bugs, website updates, and power our digital marketing efforts. At Dataisgood, technical support and marketing excellence go hand in hand with this dynamic team.

Nadeem Khan

Marketing Manager

Kamal Sahitya

Graphic Designer

Arun Rose

Sr. Software Engineer

Nitin Gujar

Web Developer

Ankit Rai

Content Writer

Mantasha Khan

Social Media Specialist

Senior Managers Team

Meet our Senior Managers at Dataisgood! We’re the dreamers and strategists shaping our journey. With a wealth of experience, we guide Dataisgood toward greatness, creating a space where innovation and excellence flourish.

Aditya Chugh

Sr. Admission Manager

Amit Sharma

Sr. Manager

Student Sucess Management Team

Our SSM Team at Dataisgood is your academic lifeline. We’re here to assist you in scheduling exams, provide class notes, and offer unwavering support for any challenges you face during your studies. Your success is our top priority, and we’re always here to help.

Rouble Oberoi

Director of Operations

Gurpreet Singh

Sr. Key Account Manager

Apurva Roy

Student Success Manager

Anjali Tiwari

Soft Skills Mentor

Shikhar Singh

Key Account Manager

Bharat Mishra

Key Account Manager

Nickky Mishra

Placement Coordinator 

Divyansha Parashar

Key Account Manager

Muskan Khan

Key Account Manager

Placement Team

Our Placement Team at Dataisgood is your bridge to a successful career. We are dedicated to connecting you with job opportunities, internships, and industry partnerships that align with your skills and aspirations. Your career success is our top priority, and we’re with you all the way.

Curriculam Team

The Curriculum Team at Dataisgood is your curriculum architect who designs and updates our courses, ensuring they remain industry-relevant. We keep you ahead of the curve with the latest trends, tools, and methodologies, empowering you with the most current knowledge.

Arpit Sharma

Lead Data Scientist

Sumit Kumar

Data Science Instructor

Sanket Bhoi

Data Science Instructor

Josh Temin

Data Product Developer

Vicky Ikonomidou

Data Science Instructor

Finance & Strategy Team

Our Finance and strategy Team at Dataisgood is the backbone of financial planning and strategic decision-making. Our team manages budgets, conducts analysis, and shapes the future of our organization. We ensure Dataisgood’s stability and continued excellence.

Arjun Singh

Finance Head

Kanishk Yaduvanshi

Finance Executive

Human Resources Team

Our Human Resource Team at Dataisgood is the heart of our organization, focused on nurturing our most valuable asset – our people. We work tirelessly to attract, develop, and retain top talent, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. We handle everything from recruitment to employee development and well-being, ensuring that Dataisgood remains a great place to work and learn.

Swechcha Tomar

Sr. Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sneha Gupta

Talent acquisition Executive